Author Index: I

Iaccarino, G.
390c Numerical Simulation Study of the Rheology of Suspensions of Rigid Spheres in a Viscoelastic Fluid Matrix Under Imposed Shear
Iacovella, C.
671d A Computational Study of the Molecular Structure and Permeability of Multi-Component Lipid Membranes in the Gel Phase
677h Molecular Dynamics Study of the Degradation of Alkylsilane Monolayers Under Shear
Iacovella, C.
304d Hydration Structure and Dynamics of Poly(2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine)
581a Understanding the Structural Arrangements of Stratum Corneum Lipids through Coarse-Grained and Fully Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations
709e Modeling Carbide-Derived Carbons with Reaxff
View A Software Pipeline for the Rational Design of Soft Materials
Iammarino, M.
215b Impact of virus filtration load handling on virus filter performance
Ibarz, G.
363g Hybrid Polymer Nanocomposites with Low Flammability and Enhanced Mechanical Strength for Transport Applications**
Ibrahim, A.
248k Black and Grey Box Modeling of Hydrocarbon Physiochemical Properties
Ibrahim, D.
346e MINLP Combined with the Analytic Hierarchy Process for the Design of Chemical Processes Under Uncertainty: Application to the Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks
Ibrahim, F.
256o Elaeis Guineensis (Oil Palm) Kernel Extract Mediated Green Synthesis of Sub-10nm Gold Particles
Ibrahim, M. Y. S.
589a Catalyst Design for Ethanol Selective Polymerization to Long Chain Alcohols and Aldehydes
665b Catalysts and Reaction Networks That Convert Ethanol into Larger Molecules Via Guerbet Chemistry
Ibrahim, Z.
View Checkup Mobile Application Abstract
Ibric, N.
229f Applications of Pinch Analysis and Mathematical Programming Methods for Synthesizing Non-Isothermal Water Networks
Ibsen, S.
179f DEP Isolation and Detection of Cf-DNA and Cf-RNA Biomarkers from Hematological Cancer, Solid Tumor and TBI Patient Blood and Plasma Samples
Içten, E.
481e Modeling of Crystallization of Melt-Based Oral Dosages in a Drop-on-Demand Manufacturing System
550d A Drop-on-Demand Manufacturing System for the Production of Amorphous Drug Products
42s Effect of Synthesis and Template Removal Condition on the Quality of Mesoporous Silica Membrane
248p Effect of Electrode Configuration and Power Frequency on TCE (trichloroethylene) Decomposition in a Nonthermal Plasma Reactor
255b Preparation of Highly Functionalized Thermoresponsive Composites Containing TiO2/Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
617g Preparation of PNIPAM/Alginate Beads Via Modified Inverse Emulsion Polymerization
Idárraga, A.
623d Techno-Economic and Environmental Assessment of Supercritical Pumpkin (Curcubita maxima) Extraction
Idem, R.
719g The Research of Coordinative and Competitive Relationship of CO2 Absorption into MEA and DEA in Blended Aqueous Amines
469d Experimental Studies Using Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy on Synthesized Nanoparticles
469f Qualitative Synthensisation of Nanoparticles Using FTIR Spectroscopic Analysis
Ierapetritou, M.
183d Implementation of Advanced Multilayer Plant-Wide Control Architecture into a Direct Compaction Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process
Ierapetritou, M.
91b Process Design and Optimization of Chemicals' Production from Biomass Feedstocks
228f Erc-Sops - a Pre-Competitive Model for Strategically-Driven Research and Technology Development and Commercialization
234e Multi-Criteria Decision Making Supplier Selection and Auction Based Procurement in Supply Chain Management
479a Modeling Mixing of Cohesive Particulate Systems in Rotating Cylinders Using Discrete Element Modeling (DEM)
508a Surrogate Based Derivative Free Optimization Methodology for Supply Chain Management
572a Characterization and Modeling of Feeders: A Critical Component in Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
647a An Integrated Framework for Scheduling and Control Using Fast Model Predictive Control
652f Simulation of Biopharmaceutical Bioreactor Using an Integrated CFD-Population Balance Modeling Approach
697b Flowsheet Modeling for Oral Solid Drug Product Manufacturing
697f Dynamic Modeling and Advanced Control of Tablet Press
721b A Systematic Approach of Using Material Properties Data for Pharmaceutical Process Simulation
View CACHE Overview and Update
View Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) for Mixing of Cohesive Solids
Ighere, J.
715a Controlled Oxidation of Trichloroethylene Using Polymer-Encapsulated Potassium Permanganate in the Presence of Hexavalent Chromium
Iglesia, E.
495a Effects of Acid Strength on Solid Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Aldol Condensation Reactions: Experimental and Theoretical Insights
513b Incorporation of Light Alkanes into Alkene Oligomerization Cycles on Solid Brønsted Acid Catalysts
691d Prevalence of Bimolecular Routes in the Activation of Diatomic Molecules with Strong Chemical Bonds (O2, NO, CO, N2) on Catalytic Surfaces
Igne, B.
538f Integration of Raman Spectroscopy into Upstream Processes As a PAT (Process Analytical Technology) Tool for Real-Time Monitoring
Iisa, K.
430f Langmuir-Hinshelwood Kinetic Studies of High Pressure Switchgrass Char Gasification
Iizuka, A.
456e Development of a New Type of Accelerated Mineral Carbonation Process
Ike, E.
View Using Kinetics of Growth and Sugar Fermentation By Vibrio Cholerae to Identify Inhibitors of the Phosphoenolpyruvate-Carbohydrate Phosphotransferase System
Ikegai, T.
140c Vertical Force Acting on Large Object Floating in Gas-Fluidized Bed (Direct comparison between numerical simulation and Lagrangian measurement)
Ikonomova, S. P.
335b Simple and Robust Antibody Fragment Immobilization for Detection of Antigens
Ikuno, T.
327e Insight into the Structure-Direction of Tetraethylammonium Cations in the Crystallization of Zeolite Beta
41g An Investigation of Thermal Stability of Pd-Ag Composite Membranes Fabricated By Surfactant Induced Electroless Plating (SIEP) Method for Hydrogen Separation
135g A Novel Method for the Synthesis of Graphitized Ordered Mesoporous Carbon (OMC) and Its Application for PEMFC
621ai Synthesis of Pyridine Based Polybenzimidazole Stabilized Pt-Cu Bimetallic Electrocatalysts for PEM Fuel Cell Application
131e Potential of Microalgae Based Wastewater Treatment Process and Its Implications
716f Recent Advancements in Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for CO2 Capture Applications
Im, H.
507d Direct Biodiesel Production from Harvested Microalgae Via in Situ Transesterification Using Hydrochloric Acid
625aj Single-Step Wet in Situ Transesterification of Microalgae Using a Co-Solvent
Im, H. S.
337f Facile Development of ZnO-CuO Nanowires for CO2 Photoreduction into Hydrocarbon Fuels
42o Novel Solvent Recovery Method for Solvent Deasphalting Process
Imaninezhad, M.
406e A Novel Method of Transferring Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on a Hydrogel for Neural Regeneration Applications
Imbrogno, J.
208a Interfacial Water Interactions at Different Surface Chemistries Using Sum Frequency Generation
215g Development of Chiral Membranes for Purification of Proteins and Small Molecules
596d Brushing Off Salt Using a New Class of Synthetic Membranes
Imerman, P.
64f Nanoparticle-Based Delivery of Drugs Dramatically Enhances Killing of Filarial Worms
571a Palladium-Carbon Catalysts for Liquid-Phase Deoxygenation of Fatty Acids to Alkanes
Immethun, C.
23f Oxygen-Responsive Genetic Circuits Constructed in Synechocystis Sp. PCC 6803
Imperial, J.
295a Preparation of Enteric Capsules Using a Fugitive Salt
Imran, K.
343f Enhancement of Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Polypropylene By Graphene Nanoplatelets
Imtiaz, Q.
459c Influence of Percolation Threshold on the Redox Performance of CeO2-Supported Cu-Based Materials
Inankur, B.
217d Spatial Patterns of Growth and Inhibition in Spreading Infections of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
Indah, A. H.
View Mitigating Thermal Fluctuations in Flexible Pavements with Encapsulated Phase-Change Materials
Indrawan, N.
729c Bio-Power Generation Characteristics of a Spark-Ignited Engine Operated on Syngas Derived from Biomass Downdraft Gasification
Ingber, M.
518h Permeability in Fractal Aggregates: Application to Unstable Colloidal Gels
Ingraham, M.
421c Millifluidic Experiments and Models to Elucidate Proppant Flow in in Idealized Fractures
Inoue, M.
620au Development of PMMA Plate Immobilized with Fab Antibodies Possessing High Antigen-Binding Activity
Inoue, M.
456e Development of a New Type of Accelerated Mineral Carbonation Process
585c Preparation of Geopolymers from Wastes
Intikhab, S.
48e Systematic Approach to Design Tailor Made Fuel Blends That Meets ASTM Standards
Inturi, S. N. R.
291c N Doped TiO2 for Photocatalytic Oxidation of CO in Visible Region Synthesized By Novel One Step Liquid Flame Spray Pyrolysis (LFSP): Kinetics and Mechanism
600e Novel One Step Liquid Flame Spray Pyrolysis (LFSP) Synthesis for N Doped TiO2
Ioannidis, E.
630e Tuning Electron Delocalization Via Exchange in Transition Metals
Ioannidis, N.
624n Investigation of a Suitable Lubricant for Increasing Slip in a Continuous, Co-Rotating Twin Screw Dry Granulation Process
624o The Development of a Suitable Screw Configuration for the Use in a Continuous, Co-Rotating Twin Screw Dry Granulation Process
Iovine, M. K.
622r Interplay of Specific Trans- and Juxtamembrane Interfaces in the Regulation of Plexin-Semaphorin Signaling
Ipek, B.
549a Rotational Dynamics of CH3NH3 Ions in Metal Halide Perovskites
Ipsakis, D.
459g Influence of Supports on Chemical Looping Methane Reforming Activity of NiO-Based Oxygen Transfer Materials
View Addressing the Energy-Water-Food Nexus Challenge
Irani, M.
456c Tetraethylenepentamine Supported with Kaolin for CO2 Capture
562c Numerical Simulation of Sheared, Gas-Particle, Cluster-Induced Turbulence
Irin, F.
413c Scalable Processing of 2D Nanosheets into 3D Crumpled Nanoparticles
Irudayanathan, F. J.
303h Coarse Grained Parameterization of Gram-Negative Bacterial Outer Membrane
713f Multiscale Simulations to Characterize the Blood Brain Barrier Tight Junctions
Irvine, D.
620ax Microneedle Mediated Vaccine Delivery As a Platform to Modulate in Vivo Release Kinetics
633c Microneedle-Based Immune Monitoring Platform Samples Cells and Interstitial Fluid from Tissue in Situ
633h Design and Characterization of gp140 Envelope Trimer-Coupled Liposomes for an HIV Vaccine
Irwin, M.
View Effects of Cross-Linking on Solid Polymer Electrolytes Prepared Via Polymerization-Induced Microphase Separation
Isaac, B.
266c Simulation and Validation of 15 Mwth Oxy-Coal Power Boiler
266d Development and Deployment of a Large Eddy Simulation Code for Simulating Full-Scale, Coal-Fired Boilers
Isakari, Y.
117d Monitoring of Pegylation Reaction By Monolith Chromatography
117e Improving the Separation Performance of Modified Proteins By Electrostatic Interaction Chromatography
Isayev, O.
582b Materials Informatics Platform for Property Prediction
Isele-Holder, R. E.
36b Incorporating Dispersion Effects in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Interfaces: Challenges and Solutions
723i On the Requirements for the Formation and Shape of Precursors in Droplet Spreading
Isely, C.
View Pnipam Particles for Protein Delivery to Tumor-Associated Macrophages
Isern, N.
755f Investigation of the Lignin Stream Generated during Ionic Liquid Biomass Pretreatment for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels Production
Ishigami, T.
726g Recognition of L-Amino Acid at Liposome Membrane Surface and Its Application for Homochiral Polymerization
Ishii, H.
558h Membrane Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for High-Sensitive Detection of Molecular Behavior of Lipid Assemblies
Ishitami, O.
69d Efficient Photocatalysts for CO2 Reduction
Ishizuka, M.
313c Self-Heat Recuperation Technology for Sustainable Process Design
Iski, E.
531b Three Types of Filter Media Produced from Electrospun Cellulose Acetate (Cac)-Polystyrene (PS) Composite Membrane for Separating Oil-Water Mixtures
Islam, A. E.
92b Physicochemical Properties of Engineered Catalyst Supports and Implications for Growth of Carbon Nanotube Carpets
Islam, A.
72c Development of Kinetic Models of Metabolism for Microbial Production
Islam, A.
6o Numerical Experiments of Density Driven CO2 Saturated Brine Migration in Heterogeneous Geologic Fabric Materials
Islam, F.
133g Free Surface Electrospinning of Microemulsions Containing Vitamin E
257t Prediction of Asphaltenes Precipitation upon Blending of Petroleum Fluids
247t Reaxff Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Explicit Electrons and Applications to Battery Interfaces
Islam, M. W.
615e Performance of 3 ton/day BFB Gasification System using Pine Feedstock
Islam, M. M.
219d Frequency Response Methods for the Investigation of Diffusion within Microporous Zeolite Structures
179c Enrichment of Small Cell Populations from Large Sample Volumes Using 3D Carbon-Electrode Dielectrophoresis
Islam, S.
209a Comparative Dynamics and Sequence Dependence of DNA and RNA Binding to Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Islam, S. Z.
306f Synthesis of Layer-By-Layer Thick Mesoporous Titania Films with Vertically Oriented 2D-HCP Nanopores and Their Use in Lithium Ion Batteries As Negative Electrodes
548d N2/Ar-Plasma Assisted Nitrogen Doping of Ordered Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Films for Water Splitting Photocatalysis
658d Ordered Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Films Sensitized with Graphene Quantum Dots for Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalysis
Islamoglu, T.
361b N-Doped Material for Supercapacitor from Lignin Biomass
Ismagilov, R.
6r Understanding and Harnessing Nature's Synthetic Potential to Advance Modern Drug Development
Ismail, A.
248ab Effect of Mn Loading Onto Mnfeo Nanocomposites for the CO2 Hydrogenation Reaction
Ismail, A.
36b Incorporating Dispersion Effects in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Interfaces: Challenges and Solutions
Ismail, A. E.
213g Understanding Water's Disruptive Role on Solubility in Ionic Liquids
247af Unraveling the Dissolution Mechanism of Crystalline Cellulose in Alkaline–Urea Solutions
316a Diffusion Wavelet-Based Decompositions for Coarse-Graining of Polymer Chains
620bb Oligomer Formation of Toxic and Functional Amyloid Peptides Studied with Atomistic Simulations (Rapid Fire)
723i On the Requirements for the Formation and Shape of Precursors in Droplet Spreading
Isner, A. B.
65a Using GPUs to Simulate Three-Dimensional Segregating Granular Flows
Israelachvili, J.
141g Influence of Molecular Dipole Orientations on Long-Range Exponential Interaction Forces at Hydrophobic Contacts in Aqueous Solutions
411h Real-Time Measurements of Lipid Domain Rearrangements, Membrane Thickness, and Intermembrane Forces during the Membrane Hemifusion Using a Fluorescence Surface Forces Apparatus (FL-SFA)
Israni, M.
686b Process Development for a Co-Crystal of Telaprevir (VX-950) and 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid
Issac, A.
View Gold Nanoclusters for Biomedical Imaging
Issangya, A.
207c Measurement of Dynamic Forces in Fluidized Bed Systems
611h Hydrodynamics of High Velocity Circulating Fluidized Bed Risers
Italiano, C.
402e Syngas Production By Biogas Steam and Oxy Steam Reforming Processes on Rh/CeO2 Catalyst Coated on Ceramics Monolith and Open Foams
Itaya, Y.
332e Estimation of Energy Consumption and Production in Woody Biomass Pulverization with a Multiple Tube Vibration Mill
Itoh, D.
117e Improving the Separation Performance of Modified Proteins By Electrostatic Interaction Chromatography
Iverson, N.
6ge Corona Phase Molecular Recognition of Fibrinogen
269g A Ratiometric Sensor Using Single Chirality Near-Infrared Fluorescent Carbon Nanotubes: Application to in Vivo Monitoring
700d Protein Targeted Corona Phase Molecular Recognition
Ivory, C. F.
241c Counterflow Isotachophoresis of Pyronin Y in a PMMA Microchip
503d Taylor Dispersion in Electrofocusing at Steady-State
566a Inline Sample Preconcentration for Single Molecule DNA Sizing
566d Microchannel Dispersion during Isotachophoresis
View Electrochemical Conversion on a Microchip: Comparison of Experiments with Simulations
Iwasaki, H.
620bc Site-Specific Immobilization of Nanobodies By Introducing Material-Binding Peptides
Iwase, D.
522c Basic Study on Development of Thermal Storage Technology at 500 °C Using CaO /H2O Hydration Reaction
Iyemperumal, S.
281d Comparison of Solvation Models for Metal Catalysis
Iyer, R.
94f Reconstruction of Human Respiratory Platform for in Vitro Drug Development
Iyer, V.
172b Enabling Rapid Elemental Analysis of Highly-Automated, Parallel Screening Studies for Pharmaceutical Process Development
223b Optimization of a Reactive Crystallization Using a Pharmaceutical Engineering Approach
Izadi, H.
6aq Micro/Nanoarchitectured Materials of Novel Surface Properties
Izbicki, A. P.
251o Development of Layered Multi-Scale Porous Thin Films By Tuning Deposition Time and Molecular Weight of Polyelectrolytes
607e Evaluation of Pilot Plant for High Temperature PSA-Oxygen Process Using Perovskite-Type Oxide Adsorbent