145 Industrial Applications of Computational Chemistry and Molecular Simulation II

Monday, November 9, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
255A (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Contributions describing industrial applications of computational chemistry and/or molecular simulations.

Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum
Thermodynamics and Transport Properties (01A)
Joseph T. Golab Email: Joseph.Golab@ineos.com
Andrea R. Browning Email: andrea.r.browning@boeing.com
Martin Sanborn Email: Martin.Sanborn@ineos.com
Phillip R. Westmoreland Email: prwestmo@ncsu.edu
Jonathan D. Moore Email: jmoore2@dow.com

12:30 PM
(145a) Development of a Molecular Model of Crude Oil: Applications in Enhanced Oil Recovery
Nitish Nair, Kunj Tandon, Yusuf Kar, Hemalata Badiger, Marten Buijse, Johannes G. E. M. Fraaije and Jan-Willem Handgraaf

1:10 PM

1:30 PM
(145d) Molecular Simulation of Organic Electrolyte Solutions
Maximilian Kohns, Steffen Reiser, Martin Horsch and Hans Hasse

2:50 PM