561 Thermophysical Properties and Phase Behavior IV

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
255C (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Experimental and theoretical contributions to the general field of thermodynamic properties and phase behavior are encouraged, including those that introduce novel experimental or modeling techniques. Papers on non-equilibrium thermodynamics are especially encouraged. The topic and style of the presentations should be consistent with the broader audience of this session.

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties
Heath Turner Email: hturner@coe.eng.ua.edu
Nathan Duff Email: ncduff@ncsu.edu

12:30 PM
(561a) Liquid Mixtures Freezing at Room Temperature: More Insights into Crystallization and Applications of Poly(trimethylene glycol)/Water Mixtures
John A. Keith, Peter Koronaios, Karthikeyan Saravanan, Brittni Morganstein, Sachin Velankar and Robert Enick

1:08 PM

1:46 PM

2:05 PM
(561f) Incorporating Multi-Body Effects in SAFT: Impact on Model Patchy Colloid and Ion Hydration
Artee Bansal, D. N. Asthagiri, Kenneth R. Cox and Walter G. Chapman

2:24 PM
(561g) Predicting the Solubilities of Furancarboxylic Acids in Water with PC-SAFT
Christoph Held, Harrison B. Rose, Andreas Bommarius and Gabriele Sadowski

2:43 PM
(561h) Molecular-Based Virial Coefficients of Pure Fluids and Mixtures
Andrew J. Schultz, Shu Yang, Ramachandran Subramanian, Allan H. Harvey and David A. Kofke
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