266 Advancing Efficient Fossil Energy Based Power Generation II

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
250E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

The objective of this session is to present new computational approaches and results to more effectively evaluate the cost and performance of innovative new ideas for fossil-based power generation in the context of reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption. Major topics include: optimization and comparison of low-carbon, low-water, fossil-based power generation; power systems optimization under uncertainty; reduction of CO2 emissions and water use from fossil energy power plants; promising process and technology development pathways; process intensification as a means to increase efficiency and drive down costs. Questions to be addressed may include: o How can new or existing fossil based power be generated more cost effectively? How can equipment improvements drive down installed cost? How can systematic process intensification improve cost and/or performance? o How does a focus on reducing water consumption change the design paradigm? o Accounting for market and/or regulatory uncertainty, is EOR or CO2 sale likely to succeed? If not, what carbon tax level would incentivize significant CO2 reduction? o What are the major cost and performance bottlenecks of low carbon power technologies? How is the cost of electricity impacted after implementing carbon capture and other process enhancements? o What promising developmental pathways have been identified? What is the relative potential of these technologies? Are these developmental pathways cost- or performance-limited? How do key uncertainties affect development choices? Which optimization frameworks for power systems modeling under uncertainty have proven most effective? Stochastic optimization approaches? Robust optimization approaches?

Advances in Fossil Energy R&D
Fossil Fuels & CCS (T4G)
David C. Miller Email: david.miller@netl.doe.gov
Michael Matuszewski Email: michael.matuszewski@pitt.edu

8:30 AM
(266a) Dynamic Modeling of Steam Thermal Power Plants for Real-Time Optimization
Chen Chen, Kyle D. Such, Zhiquan Zhou, Xinsheng Lou, Shizhong Yang, Olutoye Akinjiola, Carl Neuschaefer and George M. Bollas

9:20 AM
(266c) Simulation and Validation of 15 Mwth Oxy-Coal Power Boiler
Benjamin Isaac, Jeremy Thornock, Sean T. Smith and Philip Smith

9:45 AM
(266d) Development and Deployment of a Large Eddy Simulation Code for Simulating Full-Scale, Coal-Fired Boilers
Jeremy N. Thornock, Benjamin Isaac, Sean T. Smith, Oscar Diaz-Ibarra, Jennifer Spinti and Philip Smith

10:10 AM
(266e) Thermal Characterization of Ash Deposits in a 1.5 MW Reactor
Teri Snow Draper, Mariana Yared, Guilherme Pacheco, Eric Eddings and Terry A. Ring

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