535 Fundamentals of Supported Catalysis II

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
355E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session seeks contributions on understanding the fundamentals of reactivity of supported heterogeneous catalysts based on kinetic, spectroscopic and theoretical studies. Contributions can potentially include kinetic and mechanistic studies of supported metal or bulk oxide structures as well as organic-inorganic catalyst systems.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division
Fuat E. Celik Email: fuat.celik@rutgers.edu
Dante Simonetti Email: dasimonetti@ucla.edu

12:30 PM
(535a) Insight into Reaction Pathways in CO Hydrogenation Reactions over K/MoS2 Supported Catalysts Via Alcohol/Olefin Co-Feed Experiments
Micaela Taborga Claure, Michael R. Morrill, Song-Hai Chai, Sheng Dai, Christopher W. Jones and Pradeep K. Agrawal

12:50 PM
(535b) Single Site Catalysts for Propene Dehydrogenation
Andrew (Bean) Getsoian, Bo Hu, Jeffrey T. Miller and Adam S. Hock

1:10 PM

2:10 PM
(535f) Olefin Oligomerization over Carbon-Supported Cobalt Catalysts
Joseph P. Chada, Zhuoran Xu, Dongting Zhao, Carlos Carrero, Jessica Rogers, Devon C. Rosenfeld, Ive Hermans and George W. Huber

2:30 PM
(535g) Controlling the Hydrogenation Activity of Pt/TiO2 By Defect Engineering of the TiO2 Support
G. T. Kasun Kalhara Gunasooriya, Edmund G. Seebauer and Mark Saeys
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