748 Rational Catalyst Design III: N2 Reduction

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
355A (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Rational catalyst design has the potential to speed up the discovery of new materials with tailored properties and eventually eliminate trial-and-error testing. The identification of relevant descriptors, screening methods, and the development of structure-property relationships are just a few examples that illustrate these efforts. This session welcomes contributions that describe experimental or theoretical methods that aim to enable the rational design catalytic materials with improved activity, selectivity, stability, or poison resistance. Session III is devoted to N2 reduction and metal oxides and nitrides facilitating Mars van-Krevelen type reaction mechanisms.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division
Jean-Sabin McEwen Email: js.mcewen@wsu.edu
Ronald Michalsky Email: michalskyr@ethz.ch
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3:55 PM

4:15 PM
(748d) Metal Nitride Redox Materials for Solar-Driven Low-Pressure Ammonia Synthesis
Ronald Michalsky, Alexandru Avram, Brian Peterson and Andrew A. Peterson

4:35 PM
(748e) Ammonia Synthesis: Development of Novel Heterogeneous Catalysts Operating Via Mars-Van Krevelen Type Mechanisms
Said Laassiri, Constantinos ‎ Zeinalipour-Yazdi, C. Richard A Catlow and Justin Hargreaves

4:55 PM
(748f) Understanding the Structure/Activity Relationships of Interstitial Nitrides for Ammonia Synthesis
Andrew R. McFarlane, Justin Hargreaves, Andrew L. Hector, William Levason, Kripa Sardar, Nocolas Bion, Fabien Can, Melissandre Richard, Wendy Flavell, Marina Leontiadou, Heather F. Greer and Wuzong Z. Zhou

5:15 PM
(748g) Materials Design for Thermochemical Oxygen Separation Via Perovskite-Based Redox Cycling
Miriam Ezbiri, Kyle M. Allen, Maria E. Gálvez, Ronald Michalsky and Aldo Steinfeld
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