384 Advances in the Synthesis and Application of Porous Materials II

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
251C (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Microporous and mesoporous materials have been extensively used in heterogeneous catalysis and adsorbent materials. The session provides expert perspectives and covers new developments in the synthesis of zeolite catalysts, mesoporous metal and metal oxide catalysts with tuned porous structures, active sites and morphologies.

Inorganic Materials
Kumar Varoon Agrawal Email: varoon@mit.edu
Michael Z. Hu Email: hum1@ornl.gov
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3:15 PM
(384a) 2D Zeolite Coatings: Langmuir Schaefer Deposition of 3nm Thick MFI Zeolite Nanosheets
Meera Shete, Neel Rangnekar, Michael Tsapatsis and Benjamin Stottrup

3:40 PM

4:30 PM

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5:20 PM
(384f) The Shown Stirring Effect Observed in the (FAU structure) X Zeolite Synthesis with Carbon Nanoparticles Occluded
Joao G. R. Poco, Rodrigo Condotta, Mayara Castro, Wellina M. Fantim and Eliezer Ladeia Gomes
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