493 Protein Structure, Function, and Stability

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
151A/B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

We invite submissions pertaining to protein structure, function, and stability. Studies that utilize experimental or computational approaches are welcome. Topics include, but are not limited to, structural or functional analysis, engineering of new proteins by structure-based design, effects of post-translational modifications, and analysis of protein conformational stability. Submissions that focus on the mechanisms of protein folding, misfolding, and post-translational modifications are particularly welcome.

Kang Wu Email: kang.wu@unh.edu
Timothy Whitehead Email: taw@mail.msu.edu

9:10 AM
(493c) GDH to Adh: Complete Redesign of Glucose Dehydrogenase to Alcohol Dehydrogenase
Bettina Bommarius, Lambros Tassoulas, Laurin Stahl, Jürgen Pleiss and Andreas S. Bommarius

9:30 AM
(620l) Effect of Geometry of Confined Media on Folding and Stability of Proteins (Rapid Fire)
Congyue Wang, Nariman Piroozan, Leili Javidpour and Muhammad Sahimi

9:50 AM

10:40 AM
(493f) The Relationship of Glycoside Hydrolase Ligand Binding Free Energy to Processive Ability
Anne G. Hamre, Suvamay Jana, Matilde Mengkrog Holen, Geir Mathiesen, Morten Sørlie and Christina M. Payne
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