722 Advances in Metabolic Engineering

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
150D/E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Metabolic engineering is the targeted improvement of the cellular metabolic phenotype using recombinant DNA technology. This session emphasizes pathway-level engineering. Approaches are typically mostly experimental and are focused on a specific pathway and metabolites rather than metabolism as a whole. Example areas include: strategies to enhance the production of natural products, pathway engineering for the production of novel products, and the application of evolutionary techniques for improving production of a metabolite. Abstracts describing new developments in these topics are sought, and the session is open to papers focused on any type of organism, microbial consortium, or cell-free system.

Keith E.J. Tyo Email: k-tyo@northwestern.edu
Tong Si Email: tongsi1@uiuc.edu
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3:15 PM
(722a) Improved Functional Screening of Metagenomic Libraries Via Heterologous Sigma Factor Expression
Nicholas R. Sandoval, Stefan M. Gaida, Sergios A. Nicolaou, Keerthi P. Venkataramanan and Eleftherios T. Papoutsakis

3:55 PM

4:15 PM
(722d) Development and Application of Genetic Tools for an Industrial Strain of Solventogenic Clostridium
Nicolaus Herman, Mitchell Thompson, Jon M. Kuchenreuther and Wenjun Zhang

4:35 PM
(722e) Reversing Methanogenesis to Capture Methane for Liquid Biofuels
Thomas K. Wood, Valerie Soo, Arti Tripathi, Michael J. McAnulty, Fayin Zhu, Limin Zhang, Emmanuel Hatzakis, PHilip Smith, Saumya Agrawal, Hadi Nazem-Bokaee, Saratram Gopalakrishnan, Howard Salis, James G. Ferry, Costas D. Maranas and Andrew Patterson

4:55 PM
(722f) Development of an E. coli Co-Culture for the Improved Conversion of Phenylpropanoic Acids to Catechins in Vivo
J. Andrew Jones, Victoria Vernacchio, Shannon Collins, Daniel Lachance, Wenqin He, Jacob A. Englaender and Mattheos A.G. Koffas

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