646 Gene Regulation Engineering

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
151D/E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

The regulation of gene expression dictates virtually all cellular processes with broad applications in biotechnology, medicine and synthetic biology. Controlling these processes requires a detailed understanding of the underlying gene regulatory mechanisms as well as approaches to manipulate existing or engineered regulatory interactions. For this session, we invite high-quality presentations that improve our ability to understand, predict, and control all aspects of gene expression through the quantitative characterization of its many molecular interactions. In addition, presentations on the construction and application of gene regulatory systems will be considered. Potential topics include regulation of transcription, translation, RNA stability, RNA processing, and post-translational modification as well as work that combines multiple gene regulatory systems to generate engineered genetic networks. Presentations that address gene regulation in industrial and medically relevant organisms particularly are encouraged.

Michelle A. O'Malley Email: momalley@engineering.ucsb.edu
Richard A. Lease Email: lease.22@osu.edu

8:48 AM
(646b) De Novo Design of Heat-Repressible RNA Thermosensors in E. coli
Allison Hoynes-O'Connor, Kristina Hinman, Lukas Kirchner and Tae Seok Moon

9:06 AM
(646c) Retargeted Bacterial Regulatory RNAs for Metabolic Engineering
Samuel D. Stimple, Ashwin Lahiry, David W. Wood and Richard A. Lease

9:24 AM

9:42 AM
(646e) Integrating Multiple Omics Studies to Uncover Underlying Post-Transcriptional Regulatory Networks
Steven Sowa, Grant Gelderman, Chelsea Clark, Sarah Lipp, Areen Pitaktong, Michael Baldea and Lydia M. Contreras

10:00 AM

10:18 AM
(646g) Reconstructing Anaerobic Microbiomes from the ‘Bottom-up': New Techniques to Decipher Interwoven Metabolism
Sean P. Gilmore, Jessica A. Sexton, John Henske, Michael K. Theodorou, Dave Valentine and Michelle A. O'Malley
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