534 Fundamentals of Protein Folding in Diseases

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
151A/B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session seeks submissions focused on experimental and theoretical characterization and prediction of the thermodynamics and mechanism(s) of protein folding as well as the role that aggregates play in disease pathogenesis. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the dynamics and mechanisms of protein aggregation, the formation of off-pathway aggregates, the characterization of aggregate size and structure, the therapeutic inhibition of aggregation, and the interaction of aggregates with target cells.

Melissa Moss Email: mossme@engr.sc.edu
Jin Ryoun Kim Email: jkim@poly.edu
- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on the online proceeding.

(534a) Hofmeister Effects on Aggregation and Prion Strain Generation By Amyloid Beta 1-42
Aditi Sharma, Sven H. Behrens, Yury O. Chernoff and Andreas Bommarius

(622b) Transport of Amyloid-ß Across the Blood Brain Barrier By P-Glycoprotein (Rapid Fire)
Hope Holt, Elizabeth Moore, Melissa Moss, Fransico Gonzalez and Melissa Moss

(620ay) Dynamics of Aggregation of Proteins (Rapid Fire)
Size Zheng, Katherine S. Shing and Muhammad Sahimi

(534d) A New Class of Compounds Inhibiting the Amyloidosis of TTR(105-115): Insights from Experiments and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Phanourios Tamamis, Nicos Christophi, Panayiota Pepi, Andrey A. Berezin, Georgia A. Zissimou, Andrew J Palughi, Panayiotis A. Koutentis and Sophia C. Hayes

(534e) Effect of Oscillating Electric Field on Preformed Human Serum Albumin Fibrils
Shubhatam Sen, Monojit Chakraborty, Snigdha Goley, Swagata Dasgupta and Sunando DasGupta

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