727 Cell Culture II: Metabolic Flux Analysis and Modeling

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
151D/E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session intends to cover the state-of-the-art in mammalian, plant, algal and insect cell culture toward the production of biofuels, therapeutics and high-value secondary metabolites. This session will focus on phenotype characterization using metabolic flux analysis and metabolomics, and the development of mathematical models towards prediction and control of cell culture behavior on small and large scales.

Kyongbum Lee Email: Kyongbum.Lee@tufts.edu
Jeremiah Zartman Email: zartman.3@nd.edu

3:37 PM
(727b) Integrative Analysis of Gene Co-Expression and Metabolic Networks in Microbial Communities: Organizational Properties of a Unicyanobacterial Consortium
Hyun-Seob Song, Ryan S. McClure, Christopher C. Overall, Hans C. Bernstein, Alexander S. Beliaev, Ronald C. Taylor, Christopher S. Henry, Stephen R. Lindemann, H. Steven Wiley and Jim K. Fredrickson

3:59 PM

4:21 PM
(727d) Hybrid Agent-Based Framework Towards Virtual Cell Culture Bioreactors
Elif S. Bayrak, Tony Wang, Ali Cinar and Cenk Undey

4:43 PM
(727e) A Model-Based Strategy for Understanding and Improving Recombinant Protein Glycosylation in CHO Cells
Sarah Fadda, Philip M Jedrzejewski, SI Nga Sou, Ioscani J. del Val, Sarantos Kyriakopoulos, Karen M. Polizzi and Cleo Kontoravdi

5:27 PM
(727g) Application of 13C Flux Analysis to Identify High-Productivity CHO Metabolic Phenotypes
Neil Templeton, Allison McAtee, Kevin Smith, Steven Lang, Michael J. Betenbaugh and Jamey D. Young
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