272 Biomolecular Engineering

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
150G (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session invites contributions on novel methods for engineering biomolecules and the applications of these in therapeutics, diagnostics, sensors, and other engineering applications. Fundamental experimental and computational studies on the structure and structure-function properties of engineered biomolecules are also welcome.

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science
Lydia M. Contreras Email: lcontrer@che.utexas.edu
Bradley C. Bundy Email: bundy@byu.edu

8:50 AM
(272b) Rapid, High-Throughput Screening of Proteins with Non-Canonical Residues Using Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
Song-Min Schinn, Steven K. Stanley, Ashtyn Groesbeck, Kristen M. Wilding, Jeffrey C. Wu and Bradley C. Bundy

9:30 AM

9:40 AM
(620aj) Design, Selection and Optimization of Affinity Peptides for Applications in Bioprocessing (Rapid Fire)
Divya Chandra, Steve Timmick, Chaz Goodwine, Nicholas Vecchiarello, Steven Cramer and Pankaj Karande

9:45 AM
(272d) Thiazoline Ring Formation in an Engineered Intein Serves As a Splicing Switch
C. Seth Pearson, Dan Fabris, Hongmin Li, Georges Belfort and Marlene Belfort

10:05 AM
(272e) Constructing, Evaluating, and Screening Bioconjugates on the Yeast Surface
James A. Van Deventer, Doris N. Le, Jessie Zhao, Ryan L. Kelly and Xin Ge

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