241 Poster Session: AES Electrophoresis Society

Monday, November 9, 2015: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Ballroom E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

The AES poster session is a great platform for students to showcase their work, this is a very well attended session where a panel of judges composed by highly recognized researchers in all areas of Electrophoresis and Electrokinetics evaluate the posters, to select the first, second and third place, plus an honorable mention. The organizers of this session invite poster submissions in the area of electrophoretic technology and development. Topics of interest include new experimental or theoretical research involving any aspect of electrophoresis at either the macro-, micro-, and / or nano- scales. This session is sponsored by the American Electrophoresis Society (AES). For further details on poster formatting, sieze, etc, please visit http://www.aesociety.org/meetings/poster_session.php

2015 Annual Meeting of the AES Electrophoresis Society
Blanca H. Lapizco-Encinas, PhD Email: bhlbme@rit.edu
Victor M. Ugaz Email: ugaz@tamu.edu
- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

File available
(241d) Dielectrophoretic Isolation and Enrichment of Low Abundant Particles
Alexandra La Londe, Maria Romero-Creel, Mario Saucedo-Espinosa and Blanca Lapizco-Encinas

File available
(241e) Reversing Elution Order in Insulator Based Dielectrophoretic Separations with Asymmetric Insulating Posts
Mario Saucedo-Espinosa, Alexandra La Londe, Aytug Gencoglu, Maria Romero-Creel, Jay Dolas and Blanca Lapizco-Encinas

(241f) Rapid Culture-Based Detection of Mycobacteria Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Measurements
Roli Kargupta, Sachidevi Puttaswamy, Aiden J. Lee, Timothy E. Butler, Zhongyu Li and Shramik Sengupta

Optimizing Neural Stem Cell Sorting with Dielectrophoresis
Tayloria Adams, Nicolo S. Mendoza, Stephen T. Flynn, Clarissa C. Ro, Jamison L. Nourse and Lisa A. Flanagan

Selective  Trapping and Enrichment of Particles Reversing the Elution Order in Insulator Based Dielectrophoresis
Maria Romero-Creel, Alexandra La Londe, Mario Saucedo-Espinosa and Blanca Lapizco-Encinas