262 Active Colloidal Systems I

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Canyon B (Hilton Salt Lake City Center)

The session of Active Colloidal Systems reflects the growing importance of the area of motile, self-propelling, energy-harvesting particles, and particle systems with complex collective dynamics. This topic has received substantial attention by both experimentalists and theoreticians (from a range of disciplines) and we look for both types of papers in this newly established session.

Interfacial Phenomena
Orlin Velev Email: odvelev@eos.ncsu.edu
Ilona Kretzschmar Email: kretzschmar@ccny.cuny.edu
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9:15 AM
(262b) Living Liquid Crystals
Oleg Lavrentovich, Shuang Zhou, Andrey Sokolov and Igor Aranson

9:30 AM
(262c) Dynamic Self-Assembly of Motile Bacteria in Liquid Crystals
Nicholas L. Abbott, Peter Mushenheim, Douglas B. Weibel and Rishi Trivedi

9:45 AM
(262d) Colloidal Diffusivity and Effective Temperature in Bacterial Baths
Paulo E. Arratia, Alison Patteson and Arvind Gopinath

10:30 AM
(262g) Self-Organization in Active Suspensions of Micro-Rotors
Kyongmin Yeo, Enkeleida Lushi and Petia M. Vlahovska

10:45 AM
(262h) Controlling Compartmentalization through Active Colloidal Confinement
Matthew Spellings, Michael Engel, Daphne Klotsa, Syeda Sabrina, Aaron M. Drews, Nguyen Nguyen, Kyle J. M. Bishop and Sharon C. Glotzer
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