136 Emulsions and Foams I

Monday, November 9, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Canyon A (Hilton Salt Lake City Center)

Emulsions and Foams

Interfacial Phenomena
Clint P. Aichele Email: clint.aichele@okstate.edu
Sven H. Behrens Email: sven.behrens@chbe.gatech.edu
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1:42 PM
(136d) Investigating Emulsion Stability and the Impact of Surfactant Type on Transient Emulsion Behavior Using Diffusion Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques
Deepika Venkataramani, Jarred Kelsey, Ashwin Kumar, Jeff White, Nicholas Briggs, Steven Crossley and Clint P. Aichele

2:00 PM
(136e) Oil-in-Water-in-Oil Double Nanoemulsions: Structure and Stability
Paula Malo de Molina, Alexandra V. Bayles, Sahger Lad and Matthew E. Helgeson

File available
2:18 PM

2:36 PM
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