637 Colloidal Dispersions I

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Canyon B (Hilton Salt Lake City Center)

This session deals with colloidal dispersions. Some of the topics that are relevant to this session are: colloidal stability, phase behavior of colloids, transport phenomena of colloidal systems, colloidal and nanoparticle interactions, contemporary and emerging applications of colloidal and nanoparticulate dispersions, synthesis of colloids, and methods for characterizing physicochemical properties of colloidal systems. Both experimental and theoretical groups are equally encouraged to submit their work.

Interfacial Phenomena
Kyle J. M. Bishop Email: kjmbishop@gmail.com
Ubaldo M. Córdova-Figueroa Email: ubaldom.cordova@upr.edu

8:30 AM
(637a) Capillary Bridging of Particles As a Tool for Supracolloidal Assembly
Bhuvnesh Bharti, Michael Rubinstein and Orlin D. Velev

8:45 AM

9:00 AM
(637c) Density Landscapes and Crystal Transitions for Self-Assembly of Continuous Families of Shapes
Daphne Klotsa, Elizabeth R. Chen, Michael Engel and Sharon C. Glotzer

9:30 AM
(637e) Control of Colloidal Interactions to Form Biodegradable Gold Nanoparticle Clusters with High-NIR Absorbance
Ehsan Moaseri, Robert Stover, Sai Gourisankar, Negin Rahbar, Behzad Chang, Thomas M. Truskett and Keith P. Johnston

10:00 AM
(637g) Dark-Field Differential Dynamic Microscopy of Gold Nanoparticles
Alexandra V. Bayles, Todd M. Squires and Matthew E. Helgeson

10:45 AM
(637j) Rapid Synthesis of Polymer-Stabilized Metal Colloids
Christina Tang, Chris Sosa and Robert K. Prud'homme
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