465 Diagnostics, Treatments and Theranostics

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
250A (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session explores the contributions of chemical engineers to the development and commercialization of diagnostics, treatments and theranostics. Contributions from image contrast agents to the design of new medicines welcome.

Chemical Engineers in Medicine
Food, Pharmaceutical & Bioengineering Division (15), Pharmaceuticals (15B), Bioengineering (15C), Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science (15D)
David W. Grainger Email: david.grainger@utah.edu
Leonard F. Pease III Email: pease@eng.utah.edu
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8:30 AM

File available
9:33 AM
(465d) Design and Simulation of an Automated Rare Blood Cell Detector
Zhixi Qian, Eugene Boland, Paul W. Todd and Thomas R. Hanley

9:54 AM
(465e) Biofilm Mitigation on Implanted Devices
Erica Ricker, Ann O'Toole, Bryce Hundley and Eric Nuxoll

10:36 AM
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