492 Process Improvement and Innovation Via Intensification

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Salon J (Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek)

One means of defining Process Intensification (PI) is using innovative engineering to improve the performance of chemical processes. This innovation can come from a number of areas that result in reduction of processing cost, capital, and complexity. This specific session is focused on success stories of innovative ways to achieve process intensification, especially on the commercial scale. Examples can include but are not limited to converting batch to continuous processes, increasing process throughput via incorporation of novel processing steps, increasing process performance or reducing capital through novel intensified unit operations, and/or making chemistry/solvent modifications resulting in process improvements.

Process Research and Innovation
Process Intensification & Microprocess Engineering (12E)
Tom Enright Email: tom.enright@xerox.com
Shawn D. Feist Email: sfeist@dow.com
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8:30 AM

10:10 AM
(492e) Key Technologies to Produce Bio-Ethylene and Vam
Minhua Zhang, Xiuqin Dong, Yonghui Li, Yingzhe Yu, Jing Ma and Zhongfeng Geng

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