505 Adsorption Applications for Sustainable Energy and Chemicals

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
255D (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session will focus on the adsorption technologies which have important applications for meeting our long-term energy demand while maintaining a clean environment.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange
Alternative Energy & Enabling Technologies (T4E)
Angela D. Lueking Email: lueking@psu.edu
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12:30 PM
(505a) Enhanced Ammonia Production with Combined Reaction-Separation: Kinetic of Reaction and Adsorption
Mohammadmahdi Malmali, Kevin Wagner, Alon V. McCormick and Edward L. Cussler

12:55 PM
(505b) Modeling and Kinetics of Phytate Adsorption from Corn Stillages on a Weak-Base Ion Exchange Resin
Cristiano Reis, Aravindan Rajendran, Yanmei Zhang, Hongjian Lin, Xin Zhang and Bo Hu

1:20 PM
(505c) Uranium Adsorption from Seawater By Amidoxime-Functionalized Polyethylene Fibers: Modeling and Experiments
Costas Tsouris, Wei-Po Liao, Sadananda Das, Chenxi Zhang, Richard Mayes, Christopher Janke, Tomonori Saito, Sheng Dai, Sotira Yiacoumi, Austin Ladshaw and Alex Wiechert

1:45 PM
(505d) Adsorption Studies of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ethane and Ethylene on 3A, 4A and 5A Zeolite Molecular Sieves
Günter Wozny, Alvaro Orjuela, Leonel Garcia, Gerardo Rodriguez, Hamid Godini, Ivan Dario Gil Chaves, Pedro J. Bejarano and Yuly Andrea Poveda Morales

File available
2:10 PM
(505e) Ethane and Ethylene Adsorption on MIL-53(Al): Experiments and Molecular Simulations
Rui Ribeiro, Bárbara Camacho, Andriy Lyubchyk, Isabel Esteves, Fernando J.A.L. Cruz and José P.B. Mota

2:35 PM
(505f) Separation Techniques to Produce High Purity Hydrogen in LOHC Processes
Christoph Krieger, Karsten Müller and Wolfgang Arlt
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