6 Poster Session: Meet the Faculty Candidate

Sunday, November 8, 2015: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Exhibit Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)

The "Meet-the-Faculty Candidate" poster session will provide a great opportunity for faculty, recruiters, and Department Chairs to speak directly with current graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are seeking faculty positions. This year we are very excited to announce that it will be our biggest poster session ever, with 250 candidates and counting (up from 192 last year)!

Meet the Faculty Candidate Poster Session – Sponsored by the Education Division
Education (04)
Roman Voronov Email: roman.s.voronov@njit.edu
Sundararajan V. Madihally Email: sundar.madihally@okstate.edu
- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(6av) Advanced Materials for the Water-Energy Nexus
Hossein Sojoudi, Gareth H. McKinley and Karen Gleason

File available
(6az) Engineering Cell Metabolism for Better Health, Safe Environment and Efficient Fuels
Peng Xu, Mattheos A.G. Koffas and Gregory N. Stephanopoulos

(6br) A Systems Biology Definition of the Core Proteome of Metabolism and Expression
Laurence Yang, Justin Tan, Edward J. O'Brien, Jonathan M. Monk, Donghyuk Kim, Howard Li, Pep Charusanti, Ali Ebrahim, Colton J. Lloyd, James T. Yurkovich, Bin Du, Andreas Dräger, Alex Thomas, Yuekai Sun, Michael A. Saunders and Bernhard O. Palsson

(6bz) Molybdenum Dioxide-Based Catalysts for the Generation of Electrical Power from Biofuels
Oscar Marin-Flores, Qian He, Shreya Shah, Xiaoxue Hou, Byeong Wan Kwon, Su Ha and M. Grant Norton

File available

(6ch) Engineering Interleukin-2 Antibodies to Shape Immune Homeostasis
Jamie B. Spangler, Jakub Tomala, Vincent C. Luca, Kevin M. Jude, Marek Kovar and K. Christopher Garcia

File available
(6cy) Numerical Simulation of a Delayed Coking Reactor
Fabian A. Diaz Sr., Arlex Chaves, Maria Maraderi and David Fuentes

(6cz) Smart Gating Membranes with K+-Responsive Pore Size and Surface Property
Zhuang Liu, Xiao-Jie Ju, Rui Xie, Wei Wang and Liang-Yin Chu

(6db) Qsrr Study
Imen Messaoudi

(6dl) Study on Thermal Effects of Natural Gas Adsorption and Desorption in Activated Carbon
Rafael A. Morales Ospino, Belarny Torres Herrera and Luis Montero Machado

File available
(6dm) Incorporation of Metal Oxides to Activated Carbon for the Adsorption of Acid Gases
Jose Luis Altamirano-Corona, Ma. del Carmen Chávez-Parga, Horacio González-Rodríguez, Ma. Aida Béjar-Ubaldo and Jaime Espino-Valencia

(6ev) Development of Minimally Invasive Tools for Genetic Monitoring of Pancreatic Health
Andrew J. Hilmer, Walter Park, R. Brooke Jeffrey and Chaitan Khosla

(6ez) Hybrid Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting
Ayaskanta Sahu, Rachel Segalman, Jeffrey Urban and David J. Norris

(6fy) Multifunctional Electrocatalysts for Waste Utilization
Sujan Shrestha, Elizabeth J. Biddinger and William E. Mustain

File available
(6g) Rheology and Dynamics of Colloidal Superballs
John R. Royer, George L. Burton, Daniel L. Blair and Steven D. Hudson

(6ge) Corona Phase Molecular Recognition of Fibrinogen
Gili Bisker, Hoyoung Park, Nicole Iverson, Jiyoung Ahn, Justin Nelson, Markita Landry, Sebastian Kruss and Michael S. Strano

File available
(6go) Recovery of Folded Heterologous Proteins in the Extracellular Space from Bacterial Culture
Kevin James Metcalf, Elias Valdivia, Anum Azam, Sandy Rosales, Casey Finnerty, James Bevington, Brandon Yao, Michelle Reid and Danielle Tullman-Ercek

(6iu) Shaping Catalysis through Tailored Nanostructures: For Energy Conversion and Storage
Yijin Kang, Christopher B. Murray, Eric A. Stach, Peidong Yang, Nenad Markovic and Vojislav Stamenkovic

(6jo) Layered Double Hydroxides as Anion Intercalation Electrodes for Battery-Inspired Water Desalination
Matthias J. Young, Taylor J. Woehl, Nicholas M. Bedford and Lauren F. Greenlee

File available
(6z) Ultrasound-Responsive Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
James J. Kwan, Rachel Myers, Susan Graham, Christian Coviello, Robert Carlisle, Eleanor Stride and Constantin Coussios

File available
(414g) Charge-Storage Mechanisms for High Surface Area Carbides and Nitrides
Abdoulaye Djire, Jason Siegel, Lilin He, Alice E. S. Sleightholme, Saemin Choi, Paul G Rasmussen and Levi T. Thompson