530 Extractive Separations Fundamentals and Design I

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
155E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Solvent extraction continues to be an important unit operation. The increasing need to achieve higher recoveries and selectivities from feeds of lower product concentrations demands improvements in our understanding of extraction fundamentals, along with the consideration of new solvents, new processes, and new contacting and sensing/monitoring equipment. This session brings together persons from industry, academia, and government who practice solvent extraction, and serves as a forum to disseminate new knowledge in the field.

Matthäus Siebenhofer Email: m.siebenhofer@tugraz.at
Michael Trippeer Email: mltrippeer@dow.com
Akash Narani Email: anarani@lbl.gov
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12:30 PM
(530a) Influence of Ions and Fluid Dynamics on Coalescence in Liquid/Liquid Dispersions
Jörn Villwock, Johannes Kamp, Felix Gebauer, Hans-Jörg Bart and Matthias Kraume

File available
1:45 PM
(530d) Turbidity Control in Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Robert Macher and Matthaeus Siebenhofer

2:35 PM
(530f) Additive Manufactured Ceramic Internals for Small Scale Extraction Columns
Sebastian Soboll, Ina C. Stark, Christoph Schulze, Norbert Kockmann, Kai Sauerzapfe and Holger Wampers
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