81 Novel Mixer and Mixed Reactor Design

Monday, November 9, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Salon H (Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek)

Research and design of mixed reactors. Flow dynamics, mass transfer, reactions, scale-up, performance and performance characteristics.

North American Mixing Forum
Sanja Miskovic Email: sanja.miskovic@utah.edu
Richard K. Grenville Email: rkgrenville@philamixers.com
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8:30 AM
(81a) A New Definition of Impeller Efficiency
John A. Thomas and Richard K. Grenville

8:51 AM
(81b) Drawdown of Liquid-Liquid Systems: Comparing Performance of Conventional Stirred Tank and Confined Impeller Stirred Tank
Akshay Bhalerao, Alexandra E. Komrakova, Marcio Bezerra Machado, Suzanne Kresta and Fatemeh Safari

9:12 AM
(81c) Characterization of Mixing in the EPA Baffled Flask for Dispersion Effectiveness Testing
Bing Wang, Lin Zhao, Robyn Conmy, Michel C. Boufadel and Piero M. Armenante

File available
9:54 AM
(81e) CFD Analysis in Desiging of Mixing Mechanism for a Mechanical Flotation Machine
Jiliang Xia, Antti Rinne, Jarmo Lohilahti, Raghav Dube and Toni Mattsson

10:15 AM
(81f) Development, Scale up and Testing of the Nextstep™ – the Most Efficient Mechanism in Mechanical Flotation
Keri Caldwell, Yihong Yang, Ken Rahal, Tim Olson, Mads Jespersen and Dariusz Lelinski

10:36 AM
(81g) Design and Characterization of a Scaled-up Millifluidic Groove Mixer
Joseph Whittenberg, Vivek Kumar, Keegan Lane, Heeral Patel and Paul J.A. Kenis
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