315 Reaction Engineering for Combustion and Pyrolysis I

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
355F (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Topics covered range from detailed chemical kinetics and reacting flow simulation methods and experimental measurements through practical industrial engineering of high-temperature processes.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division
Bihter Padak Email: padak@cec.sc.edu
Claude Franklin Goldsmith III Email: franklin_goldsmith@brown.edu
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8:30 AM
(315a) Pyrolysis of Fuels to Absorb Heat before Combustion
Phillip Westmoreland, Scott Crymble, Sara Jo Taylor and Charles J. McGill

8:50 AM
(315b) Direct Dissociation of Small Combustion Radicals Impact Flame Propagation
Nicole Labbe, Raghu Sivaramakrishnan, Stephen J. Klippenstein and J.a. Miller

File available
9:50 AM
(315e) Focusing on What Is Important in Low-Temperature Ignition
William H. Green, Nathan Yee and Mark J. Goldman

10:10 AM
(315f) A Multi-Scale Modeling Study of Methyl Trans-3-Hexenoate Oxidation By HO2
Stefania Cagnina, André Nicolle, Theodorus de Bruin, Yuri Georgievskii and Stephen J. Klippenstein
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