611 Special Session: To Celebrate Prof. John Grace's Career Long Accomplishments

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
254B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Prof. John Grace had dedicated his whole life to scientific research in fluidization and education. His prominent contributions to science and education will be immortal and always be cherished. He has done an extensive research in the area of transient forces on immersed tubes, heat transfer in circulating fluidized beds, hydrodynamics and mixing in high velocity beds, flow regimes in fluidized beds, effects of particle size distribution, reactor modelling, scale-up issues, attrition, electrostatics, non-uniformity of flow through parallel channels, computational fluid dynamics, comparison of alternative techniques for voidage and velocity measurements, and dispersion and inversion phenomena in liquid-fluidized beds Besides, he co-organized scholars to write "Circulating Fluidized Beds". To celebrate his career long accomplishments, this session will provide papers that demonstrates Grace’s legacy in fluidization.

Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems
Particle Technology Forum (03)
Xiaotao Bi Email: tony.bi@ubc.ca
Naoko Ellis Email: nellis@chbe.ubc.ca
Ray Cocco Email: ray.cocco@psrichicago.com
Allan Issangya Email: allan.issangya@psri.org

3:45 PM

4:00 PM
(611d) Measurement of Flowrate of Particulate Solids
Clive E. Davies and Steve J. Tallon

4:15 PM
(611e) The Surprising Impact of Particle Properties and Operating Conditions on Gas-Solid Fluidization
Casey Q. LaMarche, Peiyuan Liu, Kevin Kellogg and Christine M. Hrenya

4:45 PM
(611g) DEM-CFD Model for Particle-Drying Process in Hot Fluidized Bed
Takuya Tsuji, Jumpei Fujimoto and Toshitsugu Tanaka

5:00 PM
(611h) Hydrodynamics of High Velocity Circulating Fluidized Bed Risers
Allan Issangya, S. B. Reddy Karri, Ray Cocco and T. M. Knowlton

5:15 PM
(611i) Time-Resolved X-Ray Tomography of Fluidized Beds
J. Ruud van Ommen, Xiaogang Yang, Jesus Gomez Hernandez, Tilman J. Schildhauer, Simon Maurer, Evert C. Wagner and Robert F. Mudde

5:30 PM
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