260 Accelerated Discovery and Development of Inorganic Materials

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
251E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session targets the increasing work on high-throughput computational/experimental screening, selection, evaluation, and genomics of inorganic materials.

Inorganic Materials
Sankar Nair Email: sankar.nair@chbe.gatech.edu
Wei Fan Email: wfan@ecs.umass.edu
Sunho Choi Email: s.choi@neu.edu

8:30 AM
(260a) Discovery of Optimal Zeolites and Metal-Organic Frameworks for Challenging Separations and Chemical Conversions through Predictive Materials Modeling
J. Ilja Siepmann, Peng Bai, Emmanuel Haldoupis, Konstantinos D. Vogiatzis, Michael W. Deem, Michael Tsapatsis and Laura Gagliardi

8:55 AM

9:45 AM

10:10 AM

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