368 Particulate and Multiphase Flows I: Soft and Granular Systems

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
150A/B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session of contributed talks focuses on theoretical, experimental, and numerical studies on hydrodynamic phenomena in suspensions, slurries, and other dispersed multiphase systems including (but not limited to) solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, or bubbly-liquid systems.

Fluid Mechanics
Sibani Lisa Biswal Email: biswal@rice.edu
James Swan Email: jswan@mit.edu
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12:30 PM

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12:45 PM
(368b) The Motion of a Tightly Fitting Vesicle in a Tube
Joseph M. Barakat, Andrew P. Spann and Eric S. G. Shaqfeh

1:00 PM
(368c) Adhesion of Capsules to Surfaces
Martin Keh and L. Gary Leal

1:30 PM

1:45 PM

2:15 PM
(368h) Biogenic Mixing in a Stratified Fluid
Shiyan Wang and Arezoo Ardekani

File available
2:30 PM
(368i) Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Isothermal Two-Phase Flow over a Tube Bundle
Diego N. Venturi, Vinicyus R. Wiggers, Dirceu Noriler, Waldir P. Martignoni, Henry F. Meier and Jonathan Utzig

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