448 Advances in Food and Bioprocess Engineering

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
150D/E (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session will highlight recent advances in bioprocess and food engineering. Papers addressing issues and novel technologies related to food and bioprocessing from both academics and industry will be considered for presentation in this session.

Nuttha Thongchul Email: Nuttha.T@chula.ac.th
Hesham EL Enshasy Email: henshasy@ibd.utm.my

8:30 AM
(448a) A Potential Sporolactobacillus Strian and Its Enhanced Production of an Optically Purified D-Lactic Acid for the Stereocomplex Polylactic Acid
Nuttha Thongchul, Kla Jantawon, Budsabathip Prasirtsak, Kentaro Kodama, Vasana Tolieng and Somboon Tanasupawat

8:48 AM
(448b) Recovery and Purification of Recombinant Butyrylcholinesterase from Nicotiana Benthamiana Plants
Salem Alkanaimsh, Kalimuthu Karuppanan, Somen Nandi, Raymond Rodriguez and Karen A McDonald

9:06 AM
(448c) Bioprocess Platform Design for Kefiran Production in Semi-Industrial Scale
Hesham Elenshasy, Daniel Dailin, Nor Zalina Othman, Roslinda abd Malik, Ramlan Aziz, Elsayed A Elsayed and Mohammad Wadaan

10:18 AM
(623f) The Effects of Different Bioprocessing Parametrs on Pectinase Production By Aspergillus Niger from Orange Peel Waste (Rapid Fire)
Nor Zalina Othman, Hamiza Suhaimi, Roslinda Abd Malek, Solleh Ramli, Ramlan Aziz, Mona A Esawy and Hesham EL Enshasy

10:28 AM
(623i) Operational Mode Selection for Succinic Acid Production (Rapid Fire)
Aikaterini Rigaki, Colin Webb and Constantinos Theodoropoulos

10:43 AM
(623k) Optimization of Growth Medium and Bioprocessing Condition in Pilot Scale Stirred Tank Bioreactors for Production of Levan By Bacillus Subtilis (Rapid Fire)
Nor Zalina Othman, Khairedza Rahmi, Solleh Ramli, Roslinda Abd Malek, Ramlan Aziz, Mona A Esawy and Hesham EL Enshasy
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