442 Poster Session: Particle Technology Forum

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 6:15 PM - 8:00 PM
Ballroom F (Salt Palace Convention Center)


Particle Technology Forum
Young Professionals Committee (YPC) (18C), Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems (03B), Solids Flow, Handling and Processing (03C)
Manuk Colakyan Email: manuk.colakyan@renmatix.com
Ray Cocco Email: ray.cocco@psrichicago.com
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(442b) Anomalous Dispersion of 'hedgehog' Particles
Joong Hwan Bahng, Bongjun Yeom, Yichun Wang, Siu on Tung, Damon Hoff and Nicholas Kotov

(442h) Comparison of Lattice Boltzmann and the Finite Volume Method within Respiratory Ducts
Manuel Berger, Martin Pillei, Andreas Mehrle and Michael Kraxner

(442i) Investigation of Mixing and Segregation of Ordered Mixtures for DPI Formulations
Saurabh Sarkar, Bruna Minatovicz, Kyrre Thalberg and Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri

(442k) Flash Drying Characteristics with Sub-Bituminous Coals in a Pressurized Micro-Riser Reactor
In Seop Gwak, Jun Yeong Jang, Ji Hoon Shin, Ye Bin Kim and See Hoon Lee

(442l) Attrition Characteristics of Limestone and Lime for in-Situ Desulfurization in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustor
Ji Hoon Shin, Ye Bin Kim, In Seop Gwak, Jun Yeong Jang, Kyoung-Il Park, Jong-Min Lee and See Hoon Lee

(442o) A Hydrodynamic Study in 2D Two Flow Regimes Fluidized Bed
Seung-Yong Lee, Gyoung-Tae Jin Jin, Young Cheol Park, Jong-Ho Moon and Ho-Jung Ryu

File available
(442p) Biot Number Effects on the Local Heat and Mass Transfer Rate in Fixed and Fluidized Beds
Stefan Radl, Florian Krainer, Thomas Puffitsch and Christoph Kloss

(442r) Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructured Ce2NiMnO6 By Solution Combustion Synthesis
Almaz Saukhimov, Gabit Almanov, M. a. Hobosyan, Chamath Dannangoda, Serik Kumekov and Karen S. Martirosyan

(442t) Particle Engineering through Continuous Solvent Precipitation
Tiago Porfírio, Íris Duarte, João Vicente and Márcio Temtem

(442y) Finite Element Simulations of Granular Compaction Part 2: Paste Extruder
Matthew Pruitt, Matthew Brown, Brandon Ennis and Bryan J. Ennis

(442z) Finite Element Simulations of Granular Compaction Part 1: Roller Compaction
Matthew Brown, Matthew Pruitt, Shikha Patel and Bryan J. Ennis
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