666 Solids Handling and Processing I - Powder Flow

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
252A/B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Papers on all aspects of solids handling, transport, storage and processing operations are included in the session scope. We welcome research investigations, industrial case histories, and papers on product applications for both dry and wet systems. In particular, we encourage submissions which consider the relationship and interaction between particle and material properties and process equipment, and product specifications and requirements. Papers addressing fundamental and phenomenological issues are also welcome.

Solids Flow, Handling and Processing
Madhusudhan Kodam Email: MKodam@dow.com
Kalyana Pingali Email: kalyana.pingali@wmich.edu
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8:30 AM

8:51 AM
(666b) Environmental and Hydrophilic Effects on the Triboelectric Charging of Granular Insulator Materials
Daniel Adame, Jonathan Goh, Andrew Shell, Andrew Wasson, Daniel C. Parks and Keith M. Forward

File available
9:54 AM
(666e) Redesigning an Encapsulator Feed Chute Based on Blend Characterization Data to Minimize Segregation Potential
Brad Berkowicz, Thomas Baxter, Bridget McNulty, Jarom Webster, Prabhakar Sundararajan, Stelios C. Tsinontides and Eda Ross-Montgomery

10:15 AM
(666f) Air Pressure Effects on Powder Flow Rate for Hopper Discharge
Reza Baserinia, Csaba Sinka and Pavol Rajniak

10:36 AM
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