116 Agglomeration and Granulation Processes

Monday, November 9, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
254A (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session seeks papers covering all aspects of Agglomeration and Granulation Processes, i.e., the process of forming larger granules from fine particles with or without the use of a binder; this includes wet-and melt-granulation, mixer-granulation, fluid bed granulation and coating and compaction under pressure. Papers are requested on theoretical, computer modeling and experimental research performed on the above systems; this includes fundamental physical and chemical aspects of agglomeration on granular, unit operation dynamics (e.g., flow and stress fields), system integration, scale-up and process control.

Particle Production and Characterization
Mehrdad Kheiripour Email: mehrdad.kheiripour@merck.com
Jim Michaels Email: michaelja@udel.edu
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12:30 PM
(116a) Mechanical Dispersion of Semi-Solid Binders in High Shear Wet Granulation
Nathan J. Davis, James D. Litster and Sudarshan Ganesh

File available
12:49 PM
(116b) Defining the Design Space for the Batch Granulation of an “over-the-Counter” Medicine
Tim Freeman, Jun Huang, Mike Delancy, Brian Armstrong, Mojgan Moshgbar and John Yin

1:08 PM
(116c) Experimental Validation of a Spray Zone Model in Wet Granulation
Daniel Pohlman, James D. Litster and Dubem Mbeledogu

1:27 PM

File available
1:46 PM
(116e) Transport of Liquids in Unsaturated Bi- and Polydisperse Particle Beds
Mingqiu Wu, Bhageshvar Mohan, Johannes G. Khinast and Stefan Radl

2:05 PM
(116f) Scaling of Continuous Twin Screw Wet Granulation
Juan G. Osorio, Ridade Sayin and James D. Litster

2:24 PM
(116g) Development of a Mechanistic Model for Fluid Bed Granulation
Pavol Rajniak, Stefan Radl, Johannes G. Khinast, Michael Braun, Daniela Steigmiller, Alfred Fetscher, Martin Maus, Robert Schmidtke, Matej Zadravec, Sean Bermingham, David Slade, Maryam Askarishahi and Mohammadreza Ebrahimi

2:43 PM
(116h) Revisiting Johanson's Rolling Theory of Granular Solids
Matthew Brown, Matthew Pruitt and Bryan J. Ennis
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