289 Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
251B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This is an honorary session consisting of talks by graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in chemical engineering research in any field regarding the area of polymer science and engineering. Speakers are nominated by their research advisors and selected by a committee. To be considered for this award the student must be working towards a Ph.D. degree and must not have completed the requirements for the Ph.D. before the application deadline (April 15, 2105). A nomination package is composed of: 1) a letter by the research advisor, 2) the curriculum vitae of the nominee, and 3) an abstract. Nominations packages are to be sent by the research advisor (as a single PDF file) directly to arthij@udel.edu with the subject line “AIChE 08A award student name”. The nomination package must be received by April 15, 2015 at 11:59p Eastern Time in order to be considered by the selection committee. The committee will select a finite number of applicants; these students will be invited to submit an abstract to AIChE for this session. Only students who are invited to submit an abstract to AIChE will be considered for this session. The committee will inform all applicants of their status by May 1, 2015. In order to be eligible for the final award, an invited student MUST also submit his/her abstract directly to AIChE by the abstract submission deadline for the Fall 2015 meeting.

Arthi Jayaraman Email: arthij@udel.edu
Daeyeon Lee Email: daeyeon@seas.upenn.edu

8:30 AM
(289a) Biomimetic Hierarchical Assembly in Semi-Crystalline Polymer Nanocomposites
Dan Zhao, Jacques Jestin, Longxi Zhao, Sanat K. Kumar, Mohammad Mohammadkhani and Brian C. Benicewicz

9:15 AM
(289d) Predicting Nematic Phases for Semiflexible Polymers from Simulations
Wenlin Zhang, Enrique D. Gomez and Scott T. Milner

9:30 AM
(289e) Synthesis, Characterization, and Single Molecule Dynamics of Branched DNA Polymers
Danielle J. Mai, Amanda B. Marciel and Charles M. Schroeder

10:00 AM
(289g) Dispersion-Aggregation and Wetting-Dewetting Phase Transitions in Mixtures of Polymer Grafted Nanoparticles and a Chemically Dissimilar Polymer Matrix
Tyler B. Martin, Katrina Irene S. Mongcopa, Rana Ashkar, Paul Butler, Ramanan Krishnamoorti and Arthi Jayaraman

10:15 AM
(289h) Biobased Polymers from Multicomponent Mixtures for Tuning Properties and Reducing Costs
Angela L. Holmberg, Michael G. Karavolias, Kaleigh H. Reno, Richard P. Wool and Thomas H. Epps, III

10:45 AM
(289j) Understanding the Hierarchical Relaxation Dynamics in Associating Polymer Networks
Shengchang Tang, Muzhou Wang, Heather J. Kulik and Bradley D. Olsen
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