633 Biomaterials for Immunological Applications

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM
251D (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session will highlight recent advances in immunological applications of biomaterials. Submissions covering innate and adaptive immune strategies are all welcome. Relevant topics include (but are not limited to) novel biomaterial interactions with the immune system, biomaterials for vaccines or antimicrobial applications, immunosuppressive strategies, controlled release of immunomodulatory agents (including antigens, cytokines, chemokines, immunosuppressive agents, etc...), immune cell activation or differentiation strategies, biomimetic strategies, and detection strategies for immune function. Topics in cancer immunotherapy, autoimmune therapy, and generation of tolerance are also desirable.

Michael Gower Email: gowerrm@mailbox.sc.edu
John Wilson Email: john.t.wilson@vanderbilt.edu

9:06 AM
(633c) Microneedle-Based Immune Monitoring Platform Samples Cells and Interstitial Fluid from Tissue in Situ
Anasuya Mandal, Archana V. Boopathy, Jenny Van, Darrell J. Irvine and Paula T. Hammond

9:42 AM
(633e) Chemical Modifications to Polysaccharide-Based Microparticles Enabling Efficient Conjugation of Protein Antigens
Matthew D. Gallovic, Saibal Bandyopadhyay, Michael A. Collier, Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Eric M. Bachelder and Kristy M. Ainslie

10:18 AM
(633g) Nanoadjuvants for Effective Vaccines Against Influenza A Virus
Kathleen Ross, Jonathan Goodman, Justin R. Adams, Hyelee Loyd, Shaheen Ahmed, Anthony Sambol, Scott Broderick, Marian Kohut, Krishna Rajan, Tatiana Bronich, Michael J. Wannemuehler, Susan Carpenter, Surya Mallapragada and Balaji Narasimhan

10:36 AM
(633h) Design and Characterization of gp140 Envelope Trimer-Coupled Liposomes for an HIV Vaccine
Talar Tokatlian, Michael Zhang, Andrew Mutafyan, Dan Kulp, Erik Georgeson, Michael Kubitz, William Schief and Darrell J. Irvine
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