584 Environmental Applications of Adsorption: Gas Phase

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 3:15 PM - 5:45 PM
255F (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session seeks papers that describe environmental applications of gas/vapor-phase adsorption systems. This could include papers on fundamental studies, development and characterization of environmentally benefical adsorbent materials, and testing or demonstration of adsorption systems.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange (02E)
Bihter Padak Email: padak@cec.sc.edu
F. Handan Tezel Email: handan.tezel@uottawa.ca

4:15 PM
(584d) Effect of Operational Parameters on the Performance of a Multistage Fluidized Bed Adsorber
Samineh Kamravaei, Pooya Shariaty, John D. Atkinson, Zaher Hashisho, John H. Phillips, James E. Anderson, Mark Nichols and David Crompton

4:35 PM
(584e) Ammonia-Modified Activated Carbon Adsorbents for Selective CO2 Adsorption
Melek Selcen Basar, Burcu Selen Çaglayan and A.Erhan Aksoylu
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