168 Self-Assembled Soft Materials for Membrane Applications

Monday, November 9, 2015: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
155B (Salt Palace Convention Center)

Soft materials that self-assemble into regular, periodic nanostructures, such as block copolymers, liquid crystals, and layer-by-layer films, provide several opportunities to design and fabricate superior next generation membranes. These membranes can be deployed in traditional settings such as in separation processes and as protective barrier coatings as well as in novel applications (e.g, controlled release technologies). This session is dedicated to theoretical, computational, and experimental research that investigates 1) how to process self-assembled materials into functional membranes, 2) the development of fundamental structure-property relationships, and 3) the performance of next-generation membranes in operation.

Membrane-Based Separations
William A. Phillip Email: wphillip@nd.edu
Meagan Mauter Email: mauter@cmu.edu

12:51 PM
(168b) Transport Channels in Polymer-Grafted Nanocomposite Membranes for Vapor Separations
Eileen Buenning, Connor Bilchak, Sanat K. Kumar, Christopher J. Durning and Brian C. Benicewicz

1:12 PM
(168c) Block Copolymer Pervaporation Membrane for Organics-Water Separation
Chaeyoung Shin, Nitash P Balsara, Zachary Baer and Douglas S. Clark

1:33 PM
(168d) Block Polymer Membrane Adsorbers Chemically-Tailored for Selenium Sorption
Ryan Mulvenna, Jacob Weidman, Bryan W. Boudouris and William A. Phillip

1:54 PM
(168e) Tunable-Porosity Membranes for Water Treatment By Discrete Nanoparticle Assembly
Patrizia Marchetti, Martin Mechelhoff and Andrew G. Livingston

2:15 PM
(168f) Multiscale Ionomeric Block Polymer Assemblies for Membrane Applications
Matthew D. Green, Pummy Singh, Yi Yang, HeeRan Hong, Mohammed Altraiki, Felicia Romero and Joseph Gaustad

2:36 PM
(168g) Designing Clay-Polyelectrolyte Hybrid Membranes for Effluent Treatment
Oishi Sanyal, Zhiguo Liu, Brooke Meharg, Wei Liao, Joung Sook Hong and Ilsoon Lee
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