442792 Formulation of Two-in-One Microcapsules for Coating Applications

Monday, November 9, 2015
Exhibit Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Nancy Figueroa1, Jonatan Bergek2 and Lars Nordstierna2, (1)Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, (2)Applied Surface Chemistry, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

This study addresses an issue with common exterior wall paint. Mold and algae tend to grow on

a house over time. This can cause the exterior of a house to become weak and damaged. Paint

with added biocides, which prevent mold and algae from growing, is the most common method

used. However, this method is not long lasting. Microencapsulation is a process of encasing

small molecules, e.g, biocides, in a thin shell coating. This process is found in many

pharmaceutical drug delivery systems, as it provides a control for the release of a drug into the

body. By developing a technique to encapsulate a biocide within a core-shell particle and using

these microcapsules as part of the coating system, a more effective method for preventing the

growth of mold and algae can be found. Previous work has shown that this technique is

successful and current and future work will help in improving the formulation.

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