440308 Challenges in commercial scale up and industry trends

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:30 AM
257B (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Joel A. Stone, ConVergInce Advisers LLC, Richmond, VA

The biobased and renewables chemicals industry is faced with issues and challenges in commercialization. Green Biologics will be used as a case study to discuss examples of approaches to consider. Green Biologics approach to commercializing n-butanol will be reviewed:
  • Strategies to de-risk, launch, and grow the business platform.
  • Briefing on renewable n- butanol opportunities
  • Challenges and issues for the Industry
  • Range of Examples of Progress within the broader biobased industry.
  • Future outlook for the industry

As an example, today’s ethanol refineries are faced with a single feedstock and single product, ethanol; with a single co-product, DDGS and in some cases recent addition of corn oil extraction. We are entering an era of transformation of ethanol assets into bio refining complexes of the future. Green Biologics offers a repurpose as well as a bolt on option for ethanol facilities where they can deploy a transformation that can completely transition to renewable chemicals or that can divert a portion of feedstock to production of chemical grade normal butanol and acetone. Both normal butanol and acetone are basic building block chemicals in the paints, coatings, inks, and adhesives industries. Normal butanol also serves as the ideal feedstock for a range of butyl ester products in the fragrance, flavors, and consumer goods industries.. We will review the Green Biologics approach to commercialization that includes pilot operations, demonstration facility and repurposing of the first commercial facility. The challenges of overlapping the activities while managing risks will be reviewed with a vision of innovation to achieve the end goal in an accelerated program.

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