437232 Innovative Method Evaluation for Improving the Biomass Feedstock Supply Chain

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 4:05 PM
258 (Salt Palace Convention Center)
James Hettenhaus, CEA Inc., West Boylston, MA

The evaluation of several examples for improving the feedstock supply chain from farm gate to depot and processor is summarized.  The methods focus on corn stover due to its abundance and the increasing problem of residue management with rising corn yields. 

Factors considered include the following:


  • Collecting:  Sustainability, Harvest Risk, One Pass vs Multiple Pass Collection
  • Transporting Modes: Road, Rail, Pipeline, Barge for farm to storage depot and depot to processor:
  • Handling; Form, Quality (density, inerts, fgn mat, %H2O ), Hazard (dust, fire)
  • Storage: Shrinkage, Stability, Footprint. Hazard,  Asset value
  • Financial Risk: Bankable Asset, Fungible, Reliable Supply
  • Life Cycle Comparison

Conclusions based on regional conditions are presented.

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