436854 Development, Scale up and Testing of the Nextstep™ – the Most Efficient Mechanism in Mechanical Flotation

Monday, November 9, 2015: 10:15 AM
Salon H (Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek)
Keri Caldwell, Yihong Yang, Ken Rahal, Tim Olson, Mads Jespersen and Dariusz Lelinski, FLSmidth, Midvale, UT

FLSmidth introduces the patent pending nextSTEP™ advanced flotation mechanism; the newest design for forced air flotation technology with the lowest power consumption on the market. This new rotor-stator technology is the result of extensive fundamental studies, laboratory test work and full-scale plant testing. Over two hundred different rotor-stator combinations were tested to develop the nextSTEP™ design. This final technology demonstrates significant improvement in both metallurgical performance and energy efficiency.

The exceptional performance of the nextSTEP™ mechanism comes from the rotor and stator being perfectly matched which delivers the best energy dissipation flow, thus maximizing the probability of attachment and flotation. Wide flow jets produced by the nextSTEP™ rotor and the cross pattern from the patented slotted nextSTEP™ stator increase the chances of flotation. Adding slots to the stator increases recovery and boosts overall flotation efficiency. One reason for this improvement is the higher homogenized turbulence dissipation that occurs. In addition to the increased performance derived from using the FLSmidth nextSTEP™ mechanism, it is also relevant to note that the mechanism provides better wear distribution for increased rotor and stator life. This will have a positive impact on the long term operating costs and can benefit both new and existing installations.

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