436002 How to Entrepreneur - Financial Matters

Monday, November 9, 2015: 1:30 PM
Salon A/B/C (Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek)
James Cortez, Chesapeake Energy, Oklahoma City, OK

Funding Metrics

What is the math behind all the financial metrics ?  The complexity if engineering math is rooted in the physical modeling that presents sense to things unseen and behaviors of the natural world.  The math of financial pursuits also present clarity and comparison basis for things unseen and concepts based upon time and the change of opinion.  Having a few of the basic definitions helps clarify the financial confusion that can exist due to many different experiences and attitudes being part of the equation.  The public perception of the rewards of entrepreneurial efforts can be staggering.  The reality can be quite different.  Understanding the mechanics of the various ways the rewards are presented and delivered is an important part of the package that is required to make sound personal decisions in your commitment to the various aspects of the entrepreneurial world.  Serial entrepreneurs will admit that it takes a few rounds in the tank to fully understand all the ways the rewards can be presented and calculated.  Seemingly simple math can become quite burdened with complexity when determining the valuation of the company, the details of stock options, and the various instruments of debt and equity that are presented.

  1. EBITA
  2. Debt v Equity
  3. Dilution
  4. Angels, Venture Capital, Private Equity, IPO, Banks
  5. A Round, B Round, C Round
  6. Valuations
  7. Rewards

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