435897 Fundamentals of Jet Mills

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 10:30 AM
254A (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Gary Liu, Dupont, Wilmington, DE

Jet Milling is a basic size reduction operation to most industrial processes involving bulk solids.  Due to the unique properties of fine particles, such as large specific surface area and high reactivity, the requested product particle size for many existing and new applications is becoming finer and finer.  Jet mill is one of the fine dry-grinding mills that can efficiently mill particles down to a few microns.  Fully understanding the fundamentals of jet mills will assist the selection of the right type of jet mill, as well as improving both its operability and energy efficiency.  Here the milling mechanism, the selection of nozzle, the classification principle, and the magic of steam in jet mills are discussed.

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