435151 Compressed Liquid Densities for CO2+ Octane and CO2+ Nonane Systems at High Pressures and Temperatures

Monday, November 9, 2015
Exhibit Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)
José A. Torres-Gasca, Fernando Basave-Arce, Maximo Zárate-Peralta, Mónica B. Almazar-Cortés, Jose Domenzain-Gonzalez and Luis A. Galicia-Luna, INSTITUTO POLITECNICO NACIONAL-ESIQIE, Mexico, Mexico

In this paper, we present experimental results for the volumetric properties of two binary systems CO2(1) + octane(2) and CO2(1) + nonane(2) at five compositions and temperatures from 313.15 to 363.15 and pressures up to 25 MPa. These experiments were performed in a static method coupled to the vibrating tube densimeter technique. It uses a synthetic-cell made of titanium; it withstands high pressures and temperatures. Vibrating periods of the fluid are obtained in the experiment; then, density of the studied fluid is obtained from a calibration procedure. For this case, we use water and nitrogen as reference fluids. The obtained combined expanded uncertainty in density for these binary systems is less than 0.3 kg·m-3. Deviations between experimental and calculated values showed that these are within the experimental uncertainty.      

Keywords: Density, CO2, alkanes, PvT measurements.

* To whom correspondence should be addressed Luis A. Galicia-Luna

E-mail: lgalicial@ipn.mx

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