433167 Buckling of Semi-Flexible Chain into Higher Ordered Modes Using Magnetic Field

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 10:15 AM
Ballroom F (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Jingjing Zhao, Daniel Du and Sibani L. Biswal, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX

Recent development of colloidal assembly leads to the ability to synthesize models for semi-flexible filaments, whose buckling behavior is not fully realized. We present the dynamics of buckling of semi-flexible chain using a magnetic field illustrating compression of the chain into high-ordered buckling modes using both experiment and simulation. Chains deform under the influence of magnetic, viscous and elastic stresses. Apart from visualizing chain buckling in experiment, Brownian dynamics simulation is also conducted to predict of chain buckling behavior. The buckling instability can be divided into two states: initially wrinkled structures are formed, followed by a conformational rearrangement into multi-folds quasi-stable conformation. Magnetic field strength, chains flexibility and stochastic forces have major effects on the buckling behavior, in which magnetic field strength and chain flexibility influence the rapid change of chain size while stochastic forces play an important role in buckling initiation and contribute to the asymmetry of buckling shapes.

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