432837 Effect of the Pyrolysis Temperature and Time on the Properties of Biofuel Derived from Waste Tire

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Exhibit Hall 1 (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Catharina Rocha1, Fernanda Felipe1, Francielli Cezario1, Paula Correia1, Ricardo Torres2 and Ronaldo Santos2, (1)FEI, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, (2)Engenharia Química, FEI, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

The worldwide concern on the disposal management of residue and its environmental impacts has stimulated the development of new processes for waste reuse. The pyrolysis process has been indicated as a promising way for final disposal of solid materials. Specifically, waste tire pyrolysis can contribute effectively to the removal of large volumes occupied by tire residue. Furthermore, the tire thermal decomposition produces a high energy oil which can be used as alternative fuel to replace petroleum-derived fuels. In this scenario, the present work aims to evaluate the influence of pyrolysis process variables on the tire-derived oil properties, in order to obtain oils with characteristics similar to those from petroleum conventional fuels. Pyrolysis oil samples were produced on different conditions of reaction temperature and residence time. Results for sample produced at 600oC show MON, RON, AKI and vaporization enthalpy values respectively of 99.0, 86.1, 92.6 and 31.908 kJ/mol, which are similar to gasoline properties. The sample processed at 800oC during 60 min presented properties similar to diesel’s (specific gravity of 0.8983 g/cm3 and vaporization enthalpy of 29.122 kJ/mol). Results show that the properties of the tire-derived oil investigated in this study are dependent to the pyrolysis process conditions. The suitable manipulation of the reaction process variables must produce a final product that have the required characteristics to specific application.

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