432400 Revitalization of a One-of-a-Kind Process

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 9:20 AM
Salon J (Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek)
Gregory Hemmer, SABIC, Mt Vernon, IN and Josh Croll, HPP Process Technology, SABIC's Innovative Plastics, Mt. Vernon, IN

SABIC’s Innovative Plastics Business constantly strives to engineer and commercialize new, world-class products that address solution for the marketplace.  This often requires that one-of-a-kind processes are re-vitalized to achieve increases in capacity or reductions in operating cost. 

This paper will present a process that the authors employed to identify creative R&D opportunities for optimization and modernization of a 20+ year old commercialized process.  The end purpose is to revitalize the design of the process to deliver reductions in capital investment and operating costs via process simplification and intensification. 

The concepts employed, examples of opportunities identified and their potential benefits will be presented.

Extended Abstract: File Uploaded
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