431929 Exciton Dynamics in Ordered and Disordered Nanocrystal Solids

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 1:40 PM
251D (Salt Palace Convention Center)
William A. Tisdale, Chemical Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Semiconductor nanocrystals, or colloidal quantum dots (QD), are promising components of next-generation optoelectronic technologies. Through modification of nanocrystal surface chemistry and finely tuning the amount of energetic and structural order within a QD solid, energy transport processes can be controlled. In this talk, I will show how chemical synthesis and self-assembly techniques can be used to create nanocrystal solids with well-defined structural and energetic homogeneity, and discuss the impact of these modifications on ensemble exciton dynamics revealed by time-, space-, and frequency-resolved optical spectroscopy.

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