431343 Design and Evaluation of Advanced Amsphere(tm) A3 Protein A chromatography Resin: The relationships and considerations of bead structure, pore structure, surface chemistries and ligand design on affinity resin performance targets

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 8:55 AM
155F (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Alpana Naresh and Marty Siwak, Separations Science Group, JSR Life Sciences, Sunnyvale, CA

Industry needs, patent expirations of ligand design and market dynamics have accelerated the development and availability of many protein affinity resins. Technology providers must consider a range of design parameters such as resin backbone, bead size, pore size, surface chemistry modification, ligand construct and how they relate to performance criteria such as DBC, life time, caustic stability, and column packing among others. Approach to designing advanced Amsphere A3(tm) affinity resin will be discussed. The trade-offs between resin design and resin performance will be illustrated through a case study. Data comparing four commercially available affinity resins with multiple monoclonal antibodies (MAb) will be discussed.

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