430852 Innovative Algal Process and System for Sustainable Biofuels and Biochemicals Production

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 10:10 AM
250C (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Roger Ruan, Department of Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

In this presentation, results from the research and development of a suite of technologies for mass cultivating microalgae on waste streams and converting the harvested algal biomass into fuels, animal/fish feed and other high value byproducts will be presented. Specifically, the presentation will present and discuss following R&D areas:: 1) development of a fast screening strategy for local bio-prospecting of robust algal stains which adapted well in different types of wastewater resources including municipal wastewater (CMW) and swine manure wastewater (DSM) and the results showed the high lipid productivity (77.5-94.8 mgL-1d-1) and high growth rate (0.43-0.53 d-1) were obtained for the selected most promising strains belonging to Chlorella, Heynigia, Hindakia, Micractinium, and Scenedesmus, etc; 2) development of a low-capital and maintenance cost and highly scalable multi-layer bionic hybrid cultivation systems for year-round production of algal biomass from various waste streams; 3) development of an integrated swine manure-based algal platform for sequential biofuel and omega-3 contained algal biomass production for animal/fish feed uses; 4) development of a novel fungi-assisted bio-flocculation technique for low-cost and highly efficient microalgal cells harvesting; and 5) development of an integrated biorefining concept and system process for water recycling and nutrient reuse, including combing fungi-assisted harvesting system for water recycling and utilization the nutrients of aqueous phase derived from the pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquefaction of the algae biomass for nutrients reuse.

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