430684 Investigating Implementation of Nanoenergetics for Small-Scale on-Chip Applications

Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 5:15 PM
254A (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Nicholas Piekiel, Christopher Morris and Matthew Ervin, US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD

The high energy density of nanoenergetic materials makes for an intriguing material for small-scale on-chip applications.  Such applications utilize gas, heat, and/or light production for purposes such as micro-propulsion, delay timers, fuzing, and more.  A number of different energetic materials have been implemented “on-chip” including intermetallic foils, porous silicon, or nanothermites, however there is much to be done in this field and several other techniques that may be of interest.  The present study investigates a number of different techniques for implementing various energetic materials on-chip with microscale resolution.  Materials include aluminum based nanothermites, and porous silicon with unique or novelly placed oxidizers.   Materials were placed on-chip via drop-casting, printing, deposition, nanowicking or variations in deposition or photolithography techniques, and characterization was performed via, high-speed imaging, SEM, and DSC.

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