430457 Improved Estimates of Air Pollutant Emissions from Biorefinery

Tuesday, November 10, 2015: 4:21 PM
255E (Salt Palace Convention Center)
Eric C. D. Tan, National Bioenergy Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO

One of the challenges in quantifying air quality and human health impacts of hydrocarbon biofuel pathways is the lack of actual measurements of air emissions from biofuel conversion processes, as these biofuels have not been produced at a commercial scale. This study aims to improve the prediction of air pollutant emissions from the fast pyrolysis of woody biomass technology pathway. The immediate goal is to develop a predictive model that is capable of predicting key air pollutant emissions from biorefinery char combustors. The ultimate goal is to use the tool to develop an air pollutant emissions inventory for the biorefinery.

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